Tuesday, November 29, 2005

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sony Ericsson W800I Walkman phone

The new Sony Ericsson’s $499 W800i Walkman phone merges an MP3 player, digital camera, mobile phone, and even an FM radio into one small, comfortable device. The headset itself is unique in its two piece design. The lower half of the cable connects to the phone and has a microphone and headphone jack built into it. This allows you to replace the included stereo headphones while maintaining phone functionality.
“The W800i has a dedicated Walkman button on the top of the keypad that launches the MP3 player, as well as all of the typical playback options available. Moving through tracks is handled with the four-way stick. The Walkman functions are seamlessly rolled into phone. While the MP3 player is running, If you receive a call while listening to your tunes, the W800i will pause the music, ring and announce the call, and return the exact spot after you complete the call.
Music can be transferred to it simply by plugging in the included USB cable. The phone sets the included 512 megabyte memory stick up as a USB mass storage device, so transferring MP3s is a simple matter of dragging and dropping. The phone even charged its battery off the USB port while plugged in.
The built in 2.0 megapixel camera features a great design. The lens cover slides open and launches the camera application. The on-screen viewfinder goes into landscape mode, forcing you to rotate the phone. This puts the shutter button on the top right side, right where you’d expect to find it. The camera can also be toggled into recording video clips easily from the main window.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Motorola RAZR V3i

The picture below is the one of the latest technology of Motorola. This past Tuesday Motorola Inc. unveiled two models of Razr cellular phone, both with digital cameras and one built for high-speed CDMA networks. The CDMA Razr with Ev-DO includes a 1.3 mega pixel camera. EV-DO is a high-speed enhancement to the CDMA technology. The phone is suited for people interested in downloading video or using other advanced data services. The RAZR V3i includes a 1.23 mega pixel camera and expandable memory.

Motorola RAZR V3i

Motorola RAZR V3i

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Friday, November 11, 2005

The Mobile Leaps

Verizon LG VX9800 EVDO/V CAST Phone

The new Verizon mobile phone is one of the hottest products available right now. Its price is $349.99 but with all features it includes it is well worth the investment. The following information is courtesy of Personal Tech Pipeline.
“The big selling point of the VX9800 is that it has two orientations: in the first, it looks like a traditional cell phone with a keypad and small but bright color 160-by-128–pixel LCD on the front. With a 1.2-megapixel camera on the back that takes 1280-by-960–pixel images at its highest resolution, you might mistake it for a bulky version of a common phone.Its second identity splits it down the middle to reveal a 320-by-256–pixel screen, which automatically takes over from the front screen. This interior cinema-oriented LCD displays a range of 262,000 colors; the front screen just 64,000.This format is designed to work best with Verizon's video-on-demand V CAST service that provides short, small, streaming excerpts of news, weather, sports, and TV shows, among other programming for $15 per month on top of a voice plan. Verizon has three other phones that handle V CAST for $100 to $150 with a two-year contract or $200 to $250 for a single year. All have smaller, traditionally oriented phone screens.
The phone and Verizon's network are equipped to send images and videos as e-mail attachments or multimedia messages (MMS) for rates that vary from per message fees to $5 to $15 per month for unlimited in-network messaging and metered messaging to non-Verizon phones”

Verizon Cuts Phone Rates

Verizon informed its costumers of another great change this past Wednesday, November the 9th. Verizon Communications Inc. sharply cut its prices for unlimited phone service across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.
The new Verizon plans, which will be offered in Virginia, range from $35 to $40 for unlimited local and domestic long-distance plus call waiting, caller ID and voice mail, or from $30 to $35 for unlimited calling with no extra features. Taxes and surcharges typically add $10 to $20 to the monthly bill.
Those rates are at least $15 cheaper than any of Verizon's existing packages with unlimited calling, although many of those plans include a larger selection of features and calls to Canada.
This is part of other changes done in middle of an all out war between mobile companies.

Search Engines Innovations

Yahoo on the Road

For all those who use online mapping Yahoo has just unveiled its online mapping improvements. The new directory includes features such as the ability to scroll across a map without reloading a Web page, as well as introducing tools that haven't been available previously on the Internet. For those interested in trying out Yahoo’s new Directory, you may go to the test basis at http://maps.yahoo.com/beta. Yahoo also is including user reviews and phone numbers of local merchants located near the site of the mapping request. Let’s get on the road…

Google’s Scanned Online Library

For all those who simply can not read a real hardcover or paperback book, Google is now serving up the entire contents of books and government document. “Google said the material, available at http://www.print.google.com, represents the first large batch of public domain books and documents to be indexed in its search engine since the Mountain View-based company announced an ambitious library-scanning project late last year” Supposedly Google is trying to create a digital library of the millions of books found the New York Public Library and four university libraries --Stanford, Harvard, Michigan and Oxford. Now it seems that even books will be extinct shortly.

AOL vs Napster LLC.???

This question may seem a bit strange, but see this past Thursday American OnLine Inc. acquired an online music subscription company MusicNow LLC, and has launched a preview of the new AOL-branded service. The new service is called AOL Music Now. Subscribers to AOL's old service, MusicNet@AOL, will be gradually be moved to the new service.
“AOL Music Now subscribers will be able to buy tracks for 99 cents apiece, the average price in the industry, or buy a $9.95 monthly subscription for unlimited streaming and downloading to a PC, or $14.95 to also be able to download the music to a portable player. The AOL catalogue has more than a million songs, which can be managed with Microsoft's Windows Media Player or other compatible software.”(tech webnews).

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Welcome Note

Society and its structure has changed since the decade of the sixties. The world has experienced a process known today as Globalization, and with this, countries economies, cultures and governement have changed drastically. Concepts such as Citizen and democracy have become popular in the Forums held by the G8. With all the changes in our society we are able to identify one connecting element: Technology. The following blog is to present the new technologies that the market has to offer today. Techonology and its advances, its consecuences in varios countries and how it has revolutionized day to day activities.