Friday, November 11, 2005

Search Engines Innovations

Yahoo on the Road

For all those who use online mapping Yahoo has just unveiled its online mapping improvements. The new directory includes features such as the ability to scroll across a map without reloading a Web page, as well as introducing tools that haven't been available previously on the Internet. For those interested in trying out Yahoo’s new Directory, you may go to the test basis at Yahoo also is including user reviews and phone numbers of local merchants located near the site of the mapping request. Let’s get on the road…

Google’s Scanned Online Library

For all those who simply can not read a real hardcover or paperback book, Google is now serving up the entire contents of books and government document. “Google said the material, available at, represents the first large batch of public domain books and documents to be indexed in its search engine since the Mountain View-based company announced an ambitious library-scanning project late last year” Supposedly Google is trying to create a digital library of the millions of books found the New York Public Library and four university libraries --Stanford, Harvard, Michigan and Oxford. Now it seems that even books will be extinct shortly.

AOL vs Napster LLC.???

This question may seem a bit strange, but see this past Thursday American OnLine Inc. acquired an online music subscription company MusicNow LLC, and has launched a preview of the new AOL-branded service. The new service is called AOL Music Now. Subscribers to AOL's old service, MusicNet@AOL, will be gradually be moved to the new service.
“AOL Music Now subscribers will be able to buy tracks for 99 cents apiece, the average price in the industry, or buy a $9.95 monthly subscription for unlimited streaming and downloading to a PC, or $14.95 to also be able to download the music to a portable player. The AOL catalogue has more than a million songs, which can be managed with Microsoft's Windows Media Player or other compatible software.”(tech webnews).


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